Monday, 26 March 2012

The Lifeguard 26/03/2012 number 2

Title: The Lifeguard
Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Pages Read: Chapter 11 - 38
Summary: When Sirena finds out his name is Pilot she freaks as she sees him with another girl and it makes her jealous. When Sirena meets Antonio she loves to spend time with him as he is a awesome painter like she is only he so much better than her. Sirena is a volunteer at the hospital as her Aunt Ellie wanted her to something for the summer she was here in Rhode Island. whilst there she sees a young boy brought into hospital after falling off a mountain bike and slashing open his head. Sirena rides her bike to the hospital as her Aunty can't get her there she leaves without a helmet in which doing so she turns around to get one as she remembers the little boy.  She goes down to the beach everyday to see Antonio and to paint with him. As Sirena is so obsessed with Pilot she goes into Antonio's store to look at his art work, only to find that she sees a picture of Pilot, she can't help but have it and she steals it. Sirena can;t handle the fact that she stole the painting so she tells Antonio about her stealing his painting of Pilot little does she know that Antonio is Pilot's grandfather. With rip tides threatening the beach goers Sirena can't help but want to cool off so she goes out knee deep and cools herself off but her fate turns when the rip tides take her under and with a stingray beneath her it feels threatened and it cuts her legs with it's jaggered tail. Sirena makes a miraculous recovery despite the odd's that were against her. Sirena soon see's that Pilot has healing powers along with his Grandfather.

Children have energy, strong spirits, great resources. Nature wants them to survive. By instinct, they fight. And there is healing.
Stingray as a symbol of the quote.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Lifeguard 20/03/2012 number 1

Title: The Lifeguard
Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Pages Read: chapter 1 - 10
Summary: Life for Sirena Shane is about to change, with her parents getting a divorce she is being shipped off  to her aunties house in Rhode Island for the summer. Life back home in Texas for Sirena will never be the same. When Sirena arrived at her aunties house she went for a walk on the beach where she almost stood and fell into a sea urchin that could release poison into her she is saved by a young guy that pretty much swept her off her feet. Whilst Sirena adjusts to the fact when she goes home she will have to live in two homes instead of one, she takes her aunties dog Will out for a run on the beach whilst her aunty Ellie is out getting food for dinner, then a storm closes in on them whilst running home a car stops beside them and its the guy who swept her off her feet, he says to Sirena to get in the when they get too her aunties house she offers him too come inside, says 'no i can't sorry but thanks though' she reply's with ok then, thanks for the ride home. When Sirena gets out of the car , it then occurs to her that she doesn't know his name.

Rocking Horse Road 19/03/2012 number 7 Finished

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Pages Read: 1 chapter
Summary: With the group of boys now grown up they all share what has happened to them. With Lucy's killer still unknown, one of them becomes a detective and finds cases similar to Lucy's and puts it all into Lucy Asher's file hoping that one day her killer will be found and justice will be served.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 18/03/2012 number 6

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Pages Read: 1 Chapter
Summary: With the group wanting to find out more about SJ, they find where he lives. It turns out that SJ is in his twenties and lives around 2 kilometres away from the Asher's shop. The group then break into SJ's house and find photographs of Lucy naked, this opens the door to the group thinking that they were taking photos and then she didn't want to do it anymore and he strangled her. The group are all shocked by the photos and meet at night outside his house. They through rocks, golf clubs, baseball bats and more, they force him to come outside stumbling they through more and more at him until he is lying on the grass outside his house in the puddle of water surrounding everyone's house due to the southerly sweeping in the ocean making the difference between the ocean and estuary almost indeterminable.

Rocking Horse Road 17/03/2012 number 5

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Pages Read: 1 Chapter
Summary: Following the death of Lucy, Lucy's sister Caroline is also in her own mission to find out who her sisters killer is. With 3 sexual attacks in the South Brighton area with in three months the press and the town are disturbed by how the offender is till on the run. With the group of friends of how much they know they spill... Matt's older sister Mary-Rose is seeing a boy named Brent Cox, when Mary-Rose sneaking out to meet him at the surf club Grant, Pete and Jase follow her one night. They sneaked in where her and Brent were the three boys stole their clothes. This led to Mary-Rose leaving the surf club in her bra and undies and Brent leaving completely naked apart from his shoes. As the pair are running a car passing by thinks that he is the offender who killed Lucy and try to run him down as they thought he is the Christmas Killer. Mark found the dairy of Lucy Asher in her bag he found in lost property, with the group reveals the name of a guy SJ, as the guy who could have been Lucy Asher's killer.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 12/03/2012 number 4

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Pages Read: 1 chapter
Summary: Lucy Asher's friends are still trying to find out who murdered Lucy. Whilst trying to find this out the town of Brighton are trying to stop the springbok tour. The group of friends are going to ask a girl who was the same age as Lucy; Sarah Fogarty if she knew anything about Lucy's death, Sarah said to them that Lucy had told her she was seeing someone but Lucy would tell her who she was seeing. The group makes lists of boys that were around Lucy's age and went to the same school, except they discovered one boy Steve Weldon who went to Lucy's and their school but in Lucy's year but had left at the beginning of sixth form in a torrent of controversy and speculation.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fast Talking Poem

Fast Talking Poem

I’m a beautiful NA

I’m a land-based NA

I’m a riding my kangaroo to school NA

I’m a animal lovin’ NA

I’m a wanna be a vet NA

I’m a living breathing descendant of my ancestors NA

I’m a barbequing NA

I’m a soccer rockin’ NA

I’m a love eatin’ my banana splits NA

I know how to live in this world

I know how to cook

I know how to swim

I know how to kayak

I’m a short NA

I’m a swimming dolphin NA

I’m a bitza this and a bitza that NA

I’m a soccer playing NA

I’m a facebook all day NA

I’m a sittin’ on the side of the road playin’ my didgeridoo NA

I’m a music lovin NA

I’m a quiet talking NA

I’m a internet loving, lmp loving, music loving NA

I know how to live in this world

I know how to dive

I know how to snorkel

I know how to take care of animals

I’m a emotion sensitive NA

I’m a multitasking NA

I’m a lazy, chubby, excited NA

I’m a green eyed NA

I’m a weird NA

I’m a smart, different, interesting NA

I’m a jewellery loving NA

I’m a couch potato NA

I’m a crazy, opinuative, organised sometime NA

I know how to live in this world.