Friday, 16 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 12/03/2012 number 4

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Pages Read: 1 chapter
Summary: Lucy Asher's friends are still trying to find out who murdered Lucy. Whilst trying to find this out the town of Brighton are trying to stop the springbok tour. The group of friends are going to ask a girl who was the same age as Lucy; Sarah Fogarty if she knew anything about Lucy's death, Sarah said to them that Lucy had told her she was seeing someone but Lucy would tell her who she was seeing. The group makes lists of boys that were around Lucy's age and went to the same school, except they discovered one boy Steve Weldon who went to Lucy's and their school but in Lucy's year but had left at the beginning of sixth form in a torrent of controversy and speculation.

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