Monday, 26 March 2012

The Lifeguard 26/03/2012 number 2

Title: The Lifeguard
Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Pages Read: Chapter 11 - 38
Summary: When Sirena finds out his name is Pilot she freaks as she sees him with another girl and it makes her jealous. When Sirena meets Antonio she loves to spend time with him as he is a awesome painter like she is only he so much better than her. Sirena is a volunteer at the hospital as her Aunt Ellie wanted her to something for the summer she was here in Rhode Island. whilst there she sees a young boy brought into hospital after falling off a mountain bike and slashing open his head. Sirena rides her bike to the hospital as her Aunty can't get her there she leaves without a helmet in which doing so she turns around to get one as she remembers the little boy.  She goes down to the beach everyday to see Antonio and to paint with him. As Sirena is so obsessed with Pilot she goes into Antonio's store to look at his art work, only to find that she sees a picture of Pilot, she can't help but have it and she steals it. Sirena can;t handle the fact that she stole the painting so she tells Antonio about her stealing his painting of Pilot little does she know that Antonio is Pilot's grandfather. With rip tides threatening the beach goers Sirena can't help but want to cool off so she goes out knee deep and cools herself off but her fate turns when the rip tides take her under and with a stingray beneath her it feels threatened and it cuts her legs with it's jaggered tail. Sirena makes a miraculous recovery despite the odd's that were against her. Sirena soon see's that Pilot has healing powers along with his Grandfather.

Children have energy, strong spirits, great resources. Nature wants them to survive. By instinct, they fight. And there is healing.
Stingray as a symbol of the quote.

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