Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fast Talking Poem

Fast Talking Poem

I’m a beautiful NA

I’m a land-based NA

I’m a riding my kangaroo to school NA

I’m a animal lovin’ NA

I’m a wanna be a vet NA

I’m a living breathing descendant of my ancestors NA

I’m a barbequing NA

I’m a soccer rockin’ NA

I’m a love eatin’ my banana splits NA

I know how to live in this world

I know how to cook

I know how to swim

I know how to kayak

I’m a short NA

I’m a swimming dolphin NA

I’m a bitza this and a bitza that NA

I’m a soccer playing NA

I’m a facebook all day NA

I’m a sittin’ on the side of the road playin’ my didgeridoo NA

I’m a music lovin NA

I’m a quiet talking NA

I’m a internet loving, lmp loving, music loving NA

I know how to live in this world

I know how to dive

I know how to snorkel

I know how to take care of animals

I’m a emotion sensitive NA

I’m a multitasking NA

I’m a lazy, chubby, excited NA

I’m a green eyed NA

I’m a weird NA

I’m a smart, different, interesting NA

I’m a jewellery loving NA

I’m a couch potato NA

I’m a crazy, opinuative, organised sometime NA

I know how to live in this world.

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